The Importance of Antiques & Auction Houses

The Importance of Antiques & Auction Houses

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       In our modern society, we have become dependent upon technology and the need for constant updates. There is a desire for new objects, which has ultimately led to a depreciation of older objects, sometimes called antiques. This change has especially occurred within the past 10-20 years and as technological advancements have rapidly increased, the desire for antiques has declined. One reason for such decline is because the public, particularly younger generations, have forgotten what can make vintage pieces unique and more valuable than modern technology, or other trendy items. This is why auction houses, such as Farmer Auctions, are vital for serving as both educators and providers of a wide variety of antiques and treasure items. Our dedicated team serves to provide our bidders with exciting and unique items at every auction, and promote the value of antiques and collector pieces.

     When referring to the antique vs. modern market, there are many misconceptions concerning price and quality between both. Quite often, buyers do not realize that they can get a similar item from an auction house as they could in a retail store. In fact, antiques often sell for less than their modern counterparts and they are often of greater quality. Such older pieces have proven their value through their ability to stand the test of time, and are frequently made from better quality materials than most items in retail stores. An excellent example would be to compare vintage furniture to contemporary furniture (as seen in the cover image). Furniture from retail stores tend to be over-priced and made from cheap materials, while furniture from auction houses are often lower priced and are made from finer woods with quality craftsmanship. One must also consider that older pieces often have historical value which can sometimes contribute to their collectability. The beauty of antiques is that each piece has a varied past or historical significance, which can sometimes add to its overall value. Modern pieces generally decrease in value and often deteriorate faster than antiques. Therefore, in general antiques can be a wiser investment because their value, unlike newer pieces, has more potential to increase over time.

In our modern and ever-changing world, antiques serve as a reminder of our rich past. When comparing vintage and contemporary items, one must remember that newer items tend to be over-priced, while older pieces are better quality and have a historical past. Auction houses, such as Farmer Auctions, serve as a way to connect to this shared past by providing a wide variety of exciting antiques and vintage items.

Written by previous Cataloging Intern from Hollins University.