Flatware 101


Here at Farmer Auctions, we frequently have a variety of flatware, commonly called silverware up for auction – from single pieces to entire sets. We also find many bidders have questions about distinguishing and identifying their flatware. Since there is such an incredible variety of flatware patterns, this brief introduction may assist you when buying a personal set.

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Quilts: It’s All in a Name


Wild Goose Chase, Pineapple Log Cabin, Crazy, Princess Feather, Delectable Mountain – you might not guess it, but each of these is the name of a quilt pattern!  A quilt’s most basic purpose is to keep those beneath it warm. But, on another level, quilts serve more abstract and aesthetic purposes such as expressions of self, tradition, and one’s skill.  However, quilts are not entirely subjective, and they mean as much to those who lived with them as those who made them.  Because of this, many of us have memories of quilts that were treasured by our families, and, if we are lucky, many of us have the quilts themselves. 

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Mid-Century Modern…so, what is it, exactly?

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You’ve probably heard phrases like “Mid-Century Modern,” “Retro Chic,” and “Ultra Modern vibe,” being bandied around with greater and greater regularity, by younger and younger consumers.  OK, so Mid-Century Modern, what is it, exactly?  And why is it becoming one of the hottest styles of the early 2000s?  First, we can thank the writers and set designers of AMC’s show Mad Men, set in the early 1960s, for serving as a source of inspiration for this design revival.  Second, within the technology driven Generation Y, new social media platforms such as Pinterest, Etsy, and Tumblr, have heightened an interest in interior design and creating a stylish home space.  Everyone from Elle Design to Forbes, to Interior Design is captivated by this vintage revival, publishing multiple articles on Mid-Century Modern Design, and how to bring the world of Mad Men into your home. 

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