Huge Two Day Estate Auction of David Rucker-Smith: Day One

Due to the expansive nature of this collection, our David Rucker-Smith Estate Auction will be held over the course of two days, October 3rd and October 4th, both starting at 4:30 p.m. Full of clocks, artwork, antique statues, decorative lamps, and more!

October 3rd- Clocks and Furniture will be sold

October 4th- Art, lamps, and small items will be sold

The David Rucker-Smith Estate Auction is full of intricate clocks, amazing statues, eclectic works of art, small glassware items, and a variety of antique furniture! This auction will span over the course of two days, with furniture and clocks being sold on October 3rd, and artwork, lamps, and other smaller items and lots being sold on October 4th.